Price of Vespa LX 125 And Latest Specifications 2017

Price of Vespa LX – Memperingat 70 years of the Vespa berkirah in the two-wheeler Industry, the manufacturer of the famous re-launch of the Vespa LX, which at that time in Indonesia was introduced along with the Vespa S i-get 125 cc which looks like a vespa is to “poison” the younger generation, the design of the Vespa LX looks more daring with the looks that impressed Retro. what’s interesting is the Vespa LX oil hits energy motorcycle that only sold in the Asian continent.

So don’t expect can find this variant on the Continent of Europe or America, technology i-get is already embedded on the motor also would be a better value Vespa LX, where the presence of technology i-the get this give the significant changes made that ultimately affect performance and ride comfort, then what are the advantages of motor this phenomenal ? we just refer to the producers Specifications And the Price of the Vespa LX Latest here.

Product specification And Price Vespa LX

Specifications Vespa LX

Type i-get, 4-Stroke 3 Valves Single cylinder
Capacity 124.5 cc
The Diameter Of The Step 57.8 x 57 mm
Power Max 7.6 kW / 7,600 rpm
Max Torque 10.2 Nm / 6,000 rpm
Cooling System Cooling Air
Transmission System CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)
Starter Electric & kKick Starter
Standard Exhaust Gas Euro 3
P x L x T 1,780 mm x 750 mm x 1.370 mm
The Weight Of The Contents 112 kg
Wheelbase 1280 mm
High Seat 785 mm
Capacity Of Oil Tank 7 L
Frame and Legs
Order The Monocoque, load bearing reinforced steel design
Front suspension Single arm with helical spring and single double-acting hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension Single shock absorber, adjustable to four position at preloading
Front And Rear Tires Tubeless 110/70-11 Tubeless 120/70-10
Front Brake 200mm disc brake
Rear Brake 110mm drum brake
Features – Material Body of strong
– Storage extra wide

Review Vespa LX

The retro look will certainly always attached to each motor duluncurkan Vespa, even the impression was so melakat on the motor this is where the Vespa LX is also designed with some motor Vespa other, just kesa modern Scooter look from different sides, but for the part headlampnya own this motor looks using the design hadlamp rounded like most of the Vespa motorcycle.

The impression of elegant also of course very visible with the Crome on some parts of the motor, on the one hand the design is captivating the suitable by the presence of three attractive color options that you select, namely Rosso Dragon (red), Nero Vulcano (black) and Giallo Lime (yellow). reportedly the third choice of color of the later will not affect the difference in the price of the Vespa LX 125 for sale in Indonesia.

For the dimensions of the body own the Vespa LX 125 has dimensions length 1,780 mm Width 750 mm and height, with the design decisions make this motor have a weight of 112 kg, with a wheelbase of 1,250 mm, high seat motor that reaches the 810 is of course still very suitable for fellas that have a height of 170 mm. with the dimensions of those already definitely make this motor is very suitable for daily routine mate.

Kitchen Runway

Switch on ursan kitchen runway nih sob, where some of the technology that is in use the Vespa LX, of course, make this bike has a performance machine that is super tough, like as we discussed at the top of the motor it will rely on technology I-get, with the I-get tersbut tentunutnya reduce noice and better efficiency. Every detail from the exhaust to the internal design of the cover of the gearbox has been designed to make the engine sound more smooth.
A Review of Vespa LX 125 I-Great
Vespa LX itself will be using the engine configuration 4 stroke, single cylinder with three valves 124,5 cc, where the machine has to be capable of producing up to 7.6 kW at 7,600 rpm, while the torque itself the motor is capable of producing a torque of 10.2 Nm at round 6,000 rpm, perfomannya those of the more perfect because this bike has been test Euro 3 which makes it have exhaust air that has been better, different with the Vespa PX 150 that use sisitem liquid cooling this time Vespa LX use sisitem air cooling.

Suspension And Legs

Driving comfort is definitely very imaged on a suspension and the type of feet used, especially for a motor matic is certainly a comfort and maneuverability padded will be very guarded Vespa, it is now, you can see where the Vespa LX 125 will use the front suspension Single arm with helical spring and single double-acting hydraulic shock absorber which will be combined with a rear suspension Single shock absorber, adjustable to four position at preloading the second type of suspension has already will surely be able to merdam vibration well.

Sector penggeremannnya own Vespa will equip the bike has the front brake 200 mm Disc Brake and the parts of the rear wheel will use the brake 110 mm drum brake, though priced at the Vespa LX 125 is relatively cheap among the the vespa the Vespa LX will be equipped with tubeless tires on the front and rear wheels. with tyres measuring 110/70-11 rear and 120/70-10.


The price of the Vespa LX 125 that is fairly more expensive compared to the motor matic in the class 125 cc engine will certainly make this motor have more value compared to rival decisions. it certainly will be very obvious, where in terms of looks alone this bike is very impressed expensive, as the successor of the Legendary motorcycle Vespa earlier obviously the Retro look is still visible on this motor, but Vespa also improve by adding some features that moder.

One of the features of the later, i.e. the technology on the engine namely I-get systems that optimize the performance of the machine, in addition there is also a ban tubelese that make a motorcycle tire be safer especially for long trips, other features that are on the motor, i.e., the presence of storage is fairly enough to bring some more stuff mate, of course his position is in the dasboard.
The price of the Vespa LX 150
Rp. 38.500.000.-

Vespa LX 125 is itself a variant of the motor tebaru belonging to the Vespa which was special because the motor is only sold on the continent Asia alone, it seems that the Vespa deliberately sell this motorcycle in Asia cannot be separated from the Price of the Vespa LX 125 that is already “PREPARED” to be able to compete with its rivals in the class 125 cc, design a blend of classic and modern this no doubt make the owner of the Vespa LX 125 majority is young Consumers who want to look different, thus the short reviews of our producers the Price of the Vespa LX 125 And the Latest Specifications may be useful for fellas who want a scooter matic.

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