Price Suzuki GSX Recent R1000R and Specifications 2017

Price Suzuki GSX R1000R – Not only Yamaha and Kawasaki are doing rejuvenation to his motor, but it is also true for Suzuki to one of his motorcycle which now appears with the name Suzuki GSX R1000R. Judging from the name alone, of course, you can guess how big machine in the stretcher by it, and how much performance can be generated from within the runway space, moreover, Suzuki has equipped it with the latest technology in it.

The existence of these additions, besides so have more selling points, it was very affecting against performance will you feel when driving with him. And pulled again, even if the machine was carrying a large, body shape of MOGE this one seems so slim, of course, the manufacture of the outermost parts of this by looking at the aerodynamics, so in addition to making its appearance looks modern, also can improve the performance of more optimal. Then, on the other hand, the details available can be found in the review Specifications Suzuki GSX R1000R below this.

Specifications and Price Suzuki GSX R1000R

Specifications and Price Suzuki GSX R1000R

– ABS – Suzuki Top Feed Injector (S-TFI) – Suzuki Racing Variable Valve Timing (SR-VVT) – Suzuki Dual-Stage intake (S-DSI) System – ECM (Engine Control Module) – Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) and Motion Track – TCS (Traction Control System) – Launch Control and Bi-Directional Quick Shift

Specifications Suzuki GSX R1000R

Machine Type 4-stroke, 4 -cylinder DOHC Capacity 999.8 cc Bore x Stroke 76.0 55.1 mm x mm Compression ratio Ignition Digital Fuel Systems fuel injection STARTER Electrical Transmsi 6 -speed constant mesh The body L x W x T 2,075 mm x mm x 705 1,145 mm Weight Content 203 kg High Seat 825 mm Lowest distance to the Land 130 mm Distance Axis Wheels 1,420 mm Tank capacity 16 liter Order and Foot-Foot Framework The front suspension Usd, inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped The rear suspension Link type, coil spring, oil damped Tires Front 120 / 70 ZR17M / C (58 W), tubeless Rear tire 190 / 55 ZR17M / C (75 W), tubeless Brakes Front Double Disc brake 320 mm, Brembo calipers Brakes Rear Single 230 mm, Brembo Caliper  FEATURES Features and others – Suzuki Exhaust Tuning Alpha (Set A)

Suzuki gsx review r1000r

Suzuki gsx review r1000r

Sleek and Attractive Design

The shape of the body of a super motorsport this one indeed can be said is more attractive than its predecessor, the article on the front have attached their single headlamp with a unique shape, complete along the turn signal that was on the side next to him, all of them using this type of lamp LEDs, which have a lighter flame. Not tail light hanging participate equip them to improve functionality as road vehicles, and in the line of this section, Suzuki complete with LED lights.

The dimensions of the size of the body, such as what we have said above, in accordance with the Suzuki GSX R1000R price, making it in the form in length 2075 mm, a width of 705 mm and overall height reached 1145 mm. But not need worry, for those of you who have a posture mediocre, still can drive it easily, the article of the Suzuki make high size seating only 825 mm, and even into the highest version, the weight remains light, namely with 203 kg.

Kitchen Runway Powerful Performance

No need any more you doubt the performance of one MOGE latest from Suzuki this article spur the kitchen sector it carries has been strengthened with the engine type 4 stroke, with a capacity of 999.8 cc, which is in the form of the 4 cylinders and adopts DOHC technology. With the provision that brought the Suzuki GSX, this R1000R recorded a maximum power of 199 HP at rpm 13.200 rpm. Figures are fairly fantastic and allow users to be able to get the top speed in a matter of seconds.

But my friend did not have to worry about fuel consumption, due to the Suzuki itself has been complete with fuel injection technology, which will make efficient use of fuel remained in the vehicle even buddy spur high rpm. So in order to maintain the performance remains powerful, Suzuki does not forget to equip it with a liquid-cooled cooling system, which works effectively cool the engine and stabilizing the temperature of the engine under normal circumstances.

Suspension And Legs

To support his appearance to be more luxurious, Suzuki using the framework of the model delta box, besides improving the appearance to be attractive, also proved able to add balance that is becoming more. Do not stop there, on the front suspension tide Suzuki model upside down, and use the rear suspension link type, both of which can be set according to the needs level, through a panel that has been provided by Suzuki itself.

Then in the braking, attached two brake discs measuring 320 mm on the front lines, complete together caliper Brembo, and the rear uses a single disc diameter 230 mm, which were similarly adopts Brembo on the caliper, and that can not be in leave, and to ensure the wheels will not be locked when the user performs a sudden braking, plus adjust prices Suzuki GSX R1000R expensive, making supported by the ABS technology.

Features and others

Machines are used on this motorcycle adopting of Moto GP, and equipped also with the technology Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) and the Motion Track TCS (Traction Control System), launch control and Bi-directional quick shift system that make it easier users when driving at high speeds, not forgetting that became iconic in the form of Suzuki exhaust Tuning Alpha (Set A), despite making himself has a size exhaust extra large, but the parts are proven to improve the performance of existing better.

Solid again, featured IMU-based advanced engine management system that runs on the data processing system 32 Bit, who has dual processors ECM (Engine Control Module consists of IMU To Track Motorcycle Motion to provide stability when the user to maneuver the streets. the braking system has also applied their technology ABS, which promises maximum braking in a variety of circumstances, even in a case of wet road conditions though.


Price Suzuki GSX R1000R


List Price Suzuki GSX Recent R1000R

Price Suzuki GSX R1000R Metallic Triton Blue New
  • USD 16.999 = Rp. 226 millions
Price Suzuki GSX R1000R Glass Sparkle Black New
  • USD 16.999 = Rp. 226 millions
Price Suzuki GSX Used R1000R
Recent price: List Price Suzuki


  • Price Suzuki GSX R1000R above apply abroad
  • Possible Price Suzuki GSX different R1000R after entering the country are enormous, depending policy of Suzuki

Specifications super steady, along with a performance that allows users to feel the nuances better when driving, it makes it worth if the price of the Suzuki GSX R1000R released at USD 16.999, which is when we make into rupiah, price Suzuki GSX R1000R Rp. 226,8 million. Well here need to know my friend, Suzuki GSX R1000R prices are certainly different after will enter the country, which is certainly more expensive than what we mentioned just now.

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In the presentation, and if my friend interested, you will be faced with two choices of color consists of Metallic Triton Blue and Glass Sparkle Black. Interested in having one of them? clear the color is a growing premium color matching combined with the design provided by Suzuki towards this new bike. Similarly, we can provide information about the Price Suzuki GSX R1000R, may be useful

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