Price Honda CBR300R And Latest Specifications 2017

Price Honda CBR300R – Motorcycle manufacturer from Japan is indeed continue to work to create new products, one of which is a series of motorsport Honda namely Families Honda CBR series where Honda also has present variant of Honda CBR300R ready to compete with its rivals, a variety of the latest technology and equipped with many featured specification of this motor comes as a very attractive option for my friend who was wanted Sport Bike.

Honda CBR300R itself is a sport bike honda that is long in the production of the manufacturer with the logo of the wing, just that the motor is not at present by the manufacturer Honda, with some reason Honda would prefer to sell the Honda CBR250RR two cylinders in the Indonesian market, most likely issue price the main reason why the Honda CBR300R is not for sale in Indonesia, the price of the Honda CBR300R is relatively expensive and therefore Honda prefers to focus its selling Honda CBR250RR in the country.

However there is no harm if we look at the specifications of this motor, where a lot of things that are found in the Honda CBR300R is not shared by the other motor, if in fighting the Honda CBR300R will have a formidable opponent of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and of their eternal rivals the Yamaha YZF R3 equally take engine capacity is almost the same, Honda CBR300R will also be equipped with features that are somewhat not inferior to the two rivals.

Features that brought Honda CBR300R itself is somewhat similar to the Honda CBR250RR that different only on the issue of combination machine, so for my friend should not be discouraged if you later want to buy this bike but its unavailable friend can switch on the Honda CBR250RR, Motor which has a skeleton using Diamond Steel it also has a very good maneuver despite having dimensions large, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda CBR300R this? We just see Review Specifications And Price Honda CBR300R The following latest.

Specs And Price Honda CBR300R

Specs And Price Yamaha CBR300R

Specifications Honda CBR300R

  • Engine type: 4 -Step, DOHC, 4 -Katup Single Cylinder
  • Engine Capacity: 286 cc
  • Diameter x Stroke: 76 x 63 mm
  • Comparison Compression: 10,7: 1
  • Maximum power: kW 22,7 – 8.500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: Nm 27 – 7.200 rpm
  • Starter: Electric Starter
  • Lubrication system: Wet
  • Type Clutch: Wet Multiplate with Coil Springs
  • Transmission: 6 speed
  • Fuel supply system: PGM-FI
  • LxWxH: 2.035 x 720 x 1120 mm
  • Weight: 164 Kg
  • High Seating: 725 mm
  • Distance Axis Wheels: 1.380 mm
  • Lowest distance to the ground: 137 mm
  • Tank capacity: 13 Liter
  • Frame Type: Diamond (Truss) Frame
  • Suspension Front: Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension: Single suspension with Pro-Link suspension system
  • Tires Front: 110 / 70 – 17 52 P [tubeless]
  • Rear Tires: 140 / 70 – 17 62 P [tubeless]
  • Braking system: ABS
  • Brakes Front: 296 mm single hydraulic disc with 2 piston sintered metal calipers and pads
  • Rear brakes: 220 mm single hydraulic disc with 2 piston sintered metal calipers and pads
  • Ignition system: Full Transisterized
  • Battery: MF V 12 – 6 Ah

Design Honda CBR300R

Design and Dimensions

The first lets talk meng gen ai design, where the Honda CBR300R is equipped with an attractive design, like other motor sport Honda CBR300R really looks fierce in which the motor is brought huge dimensions even this motor also has a weight reached 164 KG, Price Honda CBR300R expensive very balanced with design that looks very special, this can be seen in its dimensions with a length of  2.035 mm, width 720 mm and high 1120 mm, besides this motor also has a high seat 725 mm that is sure to my friend has a less high posture will be very difficult to drive a motor ini.

Honda memnag CBR300R is really designed for motor sport sbvuah it is directly visible on the design looks pretty aerodynamic, Party haonda know very menggenai desires of consumers, in the headlamp itself looks Honda using fully digital lamp and narrow design make headalamp made more viscous vivid impression on Honda CBR300R, strip ing which is in the motorcycle fairing looks quite firm even though it looks quite exaggerated, but it is at the back of the motor is reminiscent of other Honda streetfighter owned the Honda CB150R.

Kitchen Runway

One of the important things when my friend will buy a motor sport is on the machine, it is also seen in this bike which Honda does not seem to play in giving the engine as well as a variety of features in it, the Honda CBR300R itself using a machine with type 4 -Step , DOHC, 4 -Katup Single cylinder the engine has a cylinder 286 cc, in other words, this bike will certainly have a very good power, eventually my friend will find the Honda CBR300R will have a maximum power.

Honda CBR300R is the annunciator has tanaga 22,7 kW – 8.500 rpm great power that balanced with nicks torque starting torque 27 Nm at rpm 7.2 rpm, a great power are channeled into transmission 6 acceleration, which is unique again even though Honda CBR300R motorcycle merukapan large capacity but Honda did not forget to give PGMFI features as the fuel supply system, with the technology digunakanya definitely make the fuel consumption to be very controlled.

Honda review cbr300r

Suspension And Legs

With the price of Honda CBR300R is fairly expensive for sure this bike will be equipped with a high comfort level, the comfort level can be seen with the use of suspensions of quality where Honda CBR300R will be equipped with a frame Diamon Steel while the front suspension Honda CBR300R will use the suspension telescopic type and combined with manifold rear suspension Single suspension with Pro-Link suspension systems both types of suspensions disinylir able to provide extra comfort for my friend berkandara.

In addition to penggereman own Honda CBR300R will be equipped with technology penggereman ABS, but for the front brakes will use the brake types 296 mm single hydraulic disc with 2 pistin calipers and sistered metal pads, while the rear brakes will use the brakes 220 mm single hydraulic disc with 2 pistin calipers and sistered metal pads with the ABS technology course, oh yes, do not forget the bike will use the front tire size 110 / 70 – 17 52 P [tubeless] and tires rear measuring 140 / 70 – 17 62 P [tubeless] which increasingly makes acceleration Honda CBR300R be excellent.

Features And Electrical

And last ya bro’s time we move on to the matter of features and electricity, the price of the Honda CBR300R is fairly expensive for sure this bike will be equipped with the latest technology of Honda, it will render properly when my friend saw the panels that exist in the speedometer, some features ready to provide accurate information menggenai pal motorcycles circumstances, other than that thanks to their LED headlamp lights make this bike has a very good lighting.

Security features such as keyles entry will also be available on the Honda CBR300R least this feature will be very helpful where the latter buddies will be felt safe leaving the bike without worrying about the risk of theft, do not forget the Honda CBR300R will be equipped with technology that is attractive as a feature penggereman ABS , in addition to the features of a modern and technologically advanced it is no wonder that today’s price honda CBR300R could be more than US $ 50 millions.


Price Honda CBR300R


List Price Honda CBR300R

Price Honda CBR300R
  • New: USD 59,600.000, – ($ 4,499)
Price Honda CBR300R Latest
  • List Price Honda


  • Honda CBR300R price above is the foreign price
  • Price Honda CBR300R above still DAPT change at any time
  • This motor is not / has not been sold in Indonesia

Various kelabihan contained on this bike is very evident especially when seeing the design, although we think the design of the Honda CBR300R is still less sporty and less with their eternal rivals but some features are embedded can be a plus why consumers do not either buy a motor sport, Honda cBR300R will also aKN at present in several attractive colors, cbr300r Honda unfortunately is not on sale in Indonesia and The Honda Preferring sell Honda CBR250RR possibly because as we all know the price issue Price Honda cBR300R certainly more expensive.

As we see above the Honda CBR300R mang not be sold in the country, but did not rule out the possibility for a friend who wanted this bike to ask their Honda dealership nearby for possibly Honda Indonesia provide this motor in the form of CBU motor, but certainly his prices become more expensive when my friend bought this bike in the form of CBU motor, thus buddy information menggenai Specifications And Price Honda CBR300R The latest may be useful

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