Specifications and Price Honda Scoopy 2017

Honda Scoopy Terbaru, According to the news circulated previously, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) finally presents the All New Honda Scoopy. Motor matic Honda this retro-style look with a fresh look and got the update in some parts and the addition of advanced features.

Johannes Loman, who served as Executive Vice President Director AHM said that the increase in sales of Scoopy reflects the diversity of consumer lifestyles and the needs of the younger generation who want to look different, fashionable and unique.

“Astra Honda Motor has presented a variety of models with a new value to Indonesian consumers to answer a lifestyle that is increasingly diverse. Scoopy introduced a bike that is unique and fashionable since 2010 and has been owned by 2 million riders as a mode of best to express their lifestyle,” he said.

Meanwhile Toshiyuki Inuma, President Director of AHM says Honda as a trend leader in the segment of motor matic brings the Scoopy one step ahead to meet the wishes of consumers.

“To be one more step forward, we present the styling and new features such as the tire and rim 12 inch, LED Headlights Projector with integrated turn signal lights, Panel meter electric comes with a new LCD panel and 8 new color from the 3 color variants. But we still maintain the identity of the Scoopy through the identity of the body lines with the front light oval shaped. Consumers can enjoy the novelty and uniqueness of this model,” he said.

Then what is the appearance of the new Honda motorcycle is this? Here are reviews more.

Stylish and modern design
All New Scoopy comes with a keep the body lines than the previous model. Nevertheless Honda has also added improved so as to make it look more modern and stylish. Scooter matic carries LED headlights Projector new with integrated turn signal lights with the oval design. This makes the look of the front looks different than the Honda Scoopy old.

There is a new feature
The new features also present on the Honda Scoopy. AHM pin panel meter electric with new LCD panel. This Panel displays information about the odometer and fuel indicator. Also there is a new feature the ECO Indicator will help motorists to drive more fuel efficient.

Honda Scoopy is also equipped with Anti-theft alarm also has a feature answer back system. It aims to avoid theft while allowing the owner to search for the location of the motor in the parking lot. Interestingly All New Honda Scoopy also features the power charger new put in in the console box. This feature can be utilized by the user to recharge the gadget’s battery through the connector charger.

A glance at the sector of the legs, Honda Scoopy with new rim diameter 12 inches. These rims combined with tires new tubeless wider. The use of wheels and tires create ground clearance All New Scoopy is high-3% to 143 mm. This has an impact on the comfort and sense of security of the rider because it has a better balance. In addition, the appearance of the motor also becomes more stylish.

While the other features remain the same. Honda Scoopy this brings the storage capacity is large, namely 15.4 litre. Storage this can be used to store the helm Scoopy. Features a Side Stand Switch or standard automatic side, and the lever lock Brake Lock is also retained on the motor Honda terbaru.

The engine remains the same
Turning to the kitchen runway, Honda Scoopy 2017 rely on machines 4 step, SOHC engine with air cooling technology and eSP. The engine capacity of 110 cc is able to generate power of 9.1 PS at engine speed of 7,500 rpm with a maximum torque of 9.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

Motor matic Honda can accelerate 12,73 seconds to reach 200 meters, with the maximum speed to 91.3 km/h are tested with test equipment performance. Fuel consumption is claimed to reach 59 km/liter with enable features the ISS (method ECE R40) by the method of testing to EURO 3. While the method of the EURO 2 FUEL consumption 61,9 km/liter.

Technology eSP (enhanced Smart Power) embedded in motor this makes the combustion becomes more efficient and minimize the friction in order to reduce the risk of combustion is wasted. ESP technology is also accompanied by the ACG Starter to turn the engine is smooth without sound and became the basis of the application features Idling Stop System (ISS).

Features of the ISS allows the machine to turn off automatically if it stops for more than 3 seconds. To turn it back on the rider just need to pull the gas lever.

Variant overflow
Honda scooter is offered in 8 color options which are divided into three theme variants, namely the Sporty, Stylish and Playful. For the All New Honda Scoopy variant Sporty is composed of three color options, including Playful White Blue, Playful Cream and Playful White Green. This variant is sweetened with stripe cute and bright colors.

Furthermore, a variant of the sporty accentuate the appearance of the color contrast and strong and give the impression energetic. Honda offered it in a choice of three, including a Sporty Red, Sporty White and Sporty Black. The latter variant, Stylish, comes with an elegant touch. There are stripe that accentuates the body lines and colors are muted. For this model is available in two colors, Stylish Matte Brown and Stylish Black

With a wide range of refreshment, harga Honda Scoopy terbaru also undergone a change. In Indonesia, All New Honda Scoopy CBS-ISS sold with a price of Usd 17.8 million on the road (OTR) Jakarta. Honda is targeting to sell motor matic retro’s as much as 55,000 units per month.

Accessories and apparel
Consumer All New Honda Scoopy also got the offer in the form of a helmet TRX-S Black and TRX-S White. For buyers who choose the color of the Sporty and Stylish will acquire the helm Scoopy TRX-S Black. While the color picker Playful got the helmet TRX-S White.

Not only that, AHM also offers Honda Genuine Accessories (HGA) which can be purchased by the consumer. There are several offers accessories, among others, Rubber Step Floor Cover Panel Meter, Seat Cover, Back Mirror Sticker, Wheel Sticker and the Front Fender Sticker. While the price ranges from Rp 32.000,- to Rp 190.000,-.

Consumers can also choose the package of Sporty & Stylish for each color. Provided is a Cover Panel Meters, Rubber Step Floor, Front Fender Sticker and Back Mirror Sticker with the highest retail price (HET) Rp 350.000,-.

To complement, buyers Honda Scoopy terbaru also can buy Honda Apparel. The choice is a Honda Classic T-Shirt, Jacket and Helmet are priced from Rp 110,000 to Rp the 335,000,-. Accessories official and apparel Honda will be available in the network, Honda began April 2017.

That’s the detail specifications and price Honda Scoopy in Indonesia. Are interested to buy it?

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