Comparison Honda Rebel 500 vs Kawasaki Vulcan S

Honda Rebel 500, the Competition of the two wheels is not only crowded in the segment of motor matic. Motor gede atau moge also seem to heat up. One of the motor manufacturers ample incentive to bring moge terbaru Honda. Just arrive and enough attention is CMX500 Rebel. Moge Honda is presented PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to tempt the lovers of motor cruiser in the homeland.

Information at a glance, this type of motor has the characteristic of good comfort. Driving position seemed relaxed because the seat is designed low. So the rider’s feet easily reach the road surface. In addition, the motor cruiser also has a handlebar height and footrest protrudes forward.

Regardless of the advantages of motorcycle cruiser, Honda CMX500 Rebel indirectly challenge the Kawasaki Vulcan S, which had already been launched in Indonesia. So what if the two motorcycle cruiser of the Japanese taste is pitted? The following is a comparison of Honda Rebel 500 and the Kawasaki Vulcan S.


Regarding the design, both have the same appearance of the right motor cruiser in general. The handlebar is positioned higher and to the seat lower. There is a difference between the two motors.

Look at the seats, the Vulcan S can be worn a pillion because there is a seat apart. While CMX500 Rebel rely on a single seater. The suspension is also different, where the Vulcan S wear single shock and CMX500 Rebel adopts twin-tube.


Move to the kitchen runway, relying on engine 4 stroke parallel twin DOHC 8-valve with a capacity of 649 cc. While the Honda Rebel 500 equipped engine liquid cooled 8 valve, DOHC parallel twin engine with a capacity of 471 cc. Seen from the cubication of the engine it’s clear which is superior.

Vulcan S engine with 650 cc can issue a power of 58 hp at round to 7,500 rpm with maximum torque of 64 Nm at 6,500 rpm. While CMX500 Rebel has a peak power of 47,2 hp at 8,500 rpm with a torque of 45.8 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

For in terms of price, Honda CMX500 Rebel more affordable than the Vulcan S. the Motor with the wings flapping was priced at Rp 147,3 million on the road Jakarta. Then the price of the Kawasaki Vulcan S Rp 170,4 million. There is a difference of $ 170,4 million in between the two.

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