Price and Specifications Yamaha WR125X February 2017

Price Yamaha WR125X – Yamaha is one of the automotive manufacturers whose names are known throughout the world, where the famous produesn with various types of motor such as motor sport, Naked Bike, Matic, and also the motor Trail. But most people do not know when Yamaha’s enough to bring manifold bike trail, but for my friend who is very fond of the automotive trail bike must already know the trail bike Yamaha WR125X.

Being one of the family the Yamaha WR, the motor has a very elegant look and also very gahar which describes the body shape of the explorer entire road terrain. Especially when viewed from the side very visible visible kegaharannya and certainly would be comparable to the price of a Yamaha WR125X already ditawrakannya. More-over for features that pinned the latest features with advanced technology-sophisticated and modern.

In fact not just end there loh, to spur the kitchen sector itself is known to have a very strong performance and also very full power. Because Yamaha has been pinned on the engine capacity of 125 cc engine type 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valves, the engine even claimed would be able to beat any field that is easy and very difficult. Then also to measure its dimensions were also very nayman once and also very easy to rely on.

Certainly very comparable to the price of a Yamaha WR125X already offers, according to the information we receive when these motors will be available in Indonesia. But the news will kebenaranya unknown, the article of the Yamaha Indonesia has been no official confirmation, now it is good we know in advance will Specs and Prices Yamaha WR125X we’ve prepared for everything otmotif buddy, either go see the following reviews.

Specifications Yamaha WR125X

dimension 2,095 x 835 x 1,165 mm
High Seat 875 mm
Distance Axis Wheels 1,430 mm
Weight 137 kg
The distance to the ground 255 mm
tank capacity 8.5 liter
oil capacity 1:15 liter
Type Machine liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valves, Forward-inclined single cylinder
number of Cylinders single Cylinder
Cylinder volume 124.7cc
Bore x Stroke 52.0 mm x 58.6 mm
Compression ratio 11.2: 1
Maximum power 11 kW (15ps) @ 9,000 rpm
Maximum torque 12.2 Nm (1:24 kg-m) @ 8,000 rpm
Starter system Electric
clutch type Wet, multiple-disc coil spring
Combustion system fuel Injection
lubricating system wet sump
ignition system TCI (digital)
Transmission Constant Mesh, 6-speed
framework Steel Double Cradle
braking front Hydraulic single disc, Ø 298 mm
braking rear Hydraulic single disc, Ø 220 mm
tank capacity 8.5 liter
Front Tire Size 110 / 70-17 M / C 54H
Rear Tire Size 140 / 70-17 M / C 66H
suspension Front Telescopic forks
Rear suspension Swingarm, (link suspension), Monoshock

Automakers this one was already a lot of presenting manifold motorcycle dirt bike and one Yamaha WR125X, to type this one does have a very elegant design and premium. Automotive buddy can see for yourself sightings owned Yamaha WR125X, starting at the front that lights utmanya evident and very large. So it will produce very bright light and the main light tesebut flanked by both the turn signal, certainly looks more like a motorcycle gahar penejelajah selurj types of roads.

Certainly very comparable at all with Yamaha WR125X prices that have been offered, which to the side itself has a very simple but memorable body is very elegant and even that’s not all. The body is also fitted with striping and logo of Yamaha, continued in the more backward parts of belakanya is more pointed, so it looks truly remarkable. Then for the taillights itself has a very simple design and small size, but still capable of providing illumination that can simply pen bright and clear.

Then continue on the size of the Yamaha WR125X dementia in which the motor has a length of 2,095 mm wide by 835 mm high and 1,165 mm these motors also have a wheel axis distance which reaches 1,430 mm, weight 137. With such dimensions is certainly made of dirt bike Yamaha will be very easy to control and very stable, especially the motor has a high temapat sit only 875 mm. Therefore it is very comparable at all with price Yamaha WR125X is already offered by Yamaha.

Furthermore, the sector performance continued in the kitchen spur, where Yamaha WR125X will dietenagai by machine-type liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valves, Forward-inclined with a single number cylinder.Lalu to 124.7 cc engine capacity with a diameter of 52.0 mm x stride x 58.6 mm and the compression ratio is 11.2: 1. By having a machine like the Yamaha WR125X able to produce very strong performance and full power. first Yamaha Fuel Injection technology has been pinned on the combustion system, where the technology is able to work well and is able efisiensikan fuel consumption.

Yamaha WR125X comparable to the price that has been offered, where armed with a machine like the above, the motor is capable of producing power maxsimalnya which reaches 11 kW (15ps) at engine speed 9,000 rpm. As for torque maxsimalnya able to reach 12.2 Nm (1:24 kg-m) at engine speed of 8,000 rpm, the performance is also supported by the clutch type Wet, multiple-disc coil spring and the system of transmission Constant Mesh, 6-speed, so that this bike will be very quick to shift gears and consequently the performance is more stable.

Despite only having a capacity of 125 cc engine, but these motors have no doubt untukl quality kitchen spur performance, especially Yamaha has pinned some of the technology as well as advanced features and modern. Certainly very comparable at all with price Yamaha WR125X, certainly automotive buddy will not be disappointed if it already has a motor on this one. Especially for the fuel tank of the motor has a capacity of 8.5 liters, so no need to auto mate frequently to refill the fuel, while the engine oil capacity of 1.5 liters.

Then for a part of the suspension and the legs of a Yamaha WR125X itself does have a very capable quality for reliable, the article of the motor is equipped with suspension type Telescopic forks at the front. As for the suspension on the belakngnya-type swingarm, (link suspension), Monoshock, the motor will consequently is very comfortable to use, capable meremdan vibrations occur. It is also very satbil all, let alone the armed motorcycle-type frame Steel Double Cradle very lightweight and sturdy.

And for his own part penegeremannya equipped with Hydraulic single disc, Ø 298 mm for braking on the front, while the rear uses braking on any part Hydraulic single disc, Ø 220 mm. Both the braking system considered very able to mengehntikan the motor speed, therefore it would be very comparable at all with price Yamaha WR125X already offers. The more so for the tires themselves have size 110 / 70-17 M / C 54H in any part of the front, while the rear 140 / 70-17 M / C 66H.


Yamaha WR125X comparable to the price offers, which for its features itself is fairly complete yet. Just as in the engine was using the technology of fuel cells injectioan, then berti Ignition system TCI (digital). Lemudian to speedometernya itself already uses a digital panel that will give the appearance of a very clear despite being mengendarianya, as we said above when the motor would be very suitable for pal automotive who enjoyed the adventure, because this bike is rekomended bangt aka specifications and price Yamaha WR125X offers.

Now that’s a Yamaha WR125X specifications and pricing details, when the see-saw indeed the specifications dibawaknnya truly extraordinary, which for the resulting engine performance is very tough and full power. Then to zoom is also very gahar as well as elegant, certainly very comparable at all with the price offered. But unfortunately, these motors can not go into Indonesia. where there are several things that make this bike can not come. Of course, many who deplore, the article a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts who like a trail bike trail made by Yamaha.

Armed with specifications very Tangguh, it will be a lot of which meminatinya. Where prices Yamaha WR125X sabnding with everything, how buckwheat? if interested to have. Surely everyone interested to have a Yamaha dirt bike made from the well that which we can pass for the automotive pal everything and hopefully this information can be useful for you all.

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